Back in 2008 when the economy collapsed so did my livelihood. I went from a comfortable size six to a tight size twelve. I had no idea what was happening to my body. One day my husband said to me “Honey you don’t eat enough to support all of this weight you have gained.” He was right. Most days about 1PM I’d pause and ask myself I even ate that day. As a result I took the initiative to figure out how food was directly affecting me and what I should actually be eating. I began preparing healthy, nourishing meals that were great! I read recipes, bought Paleo cookbooks & I learned about so many new ingredients that could help my body. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but so worth it.

This is where I want to help you. As a certified American Personal and Private Chef, I will cook healthy meals for you in your home or teach you how to cook. You’ll learn my useful short-cuts and be on your way to eating healthy too.

My focus is Paleo, Whole 30 and always 100% grain free. My baked goods use only natural sugars such as berries and honey.

While all of this can be overwhelming, I have mastered this style of cooking through lots of time and research. Finding and understanding recipes, learning all types of new ingredients and pulling it all together has turned into my passion! I’ve been cooking this way for over seven years. My family and clients have enjoyed the benefits of weight loss, reduced allergy symptoms, lowered blood sugar, decreased inflammation, and all while improving overall health.

It is my honor to do either; cook for you or teach you how to cook healthy meals.

Thank you,
Carol Mavraganis