Fresh Service
This service I will create meals that are left in glass containers in your refrigerator for you to heat and enjoy. Together we will discuss how many proteins, vegetables & baked goods you need. Nothing is frozen which allows me to use the freshest ingredients.

Fresh Frozen Service
This service I will create meals that will be left in your freezer to be enjoyed when you need. You may also have freshly prepared meals to enjoy that day.

Partial Cooking Fresh Service
This service allows you to do some of the cooking for the meals. Together we will decide what you want to enhance your meals. You can compliment your protein with sautéd fresh mushrooms, onions, peppers? It is all up to you and your tastes.

Quality Nutrition Is The Foundation To Health

From my experience eating paleo is the foundation to the healthly state my body is currently in.  When I became “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired” I took action! Until January of 2012 I had no idea how much food affected my body.  I feel this is also true for many other people […]

Pairing with CrossFit Nutrition Coach

On Saturday May 11th I had the pleasure of listening in on the Nutrition 101 Seminar: Eating Made Easier, led by Cheryl De Guzman at CrossFit Des Plaines. The seminar was the beginning kickoff to the Summer Shred 3.0 Challenge! Over those next six weeks, they will check-in weekly with her to get the summer […]

Why I eat Paleo/Whole30

In 2012 I learned how years of eating processed & packaged foods was wreaking havoc on my entire body. It wasn’t until that time I understood how much food impacts your health. When I began eating real food I noticed changes rather quickly. My sleep and energy quickly improved. Those two things were enough for […]