What is a Paleo / Whole30 diet?

If I have to give a “title” to the way I think everyone should eat I’d use the words Paleo or Whole30, simply because many others before me gave this style of eating a title. I actually prefer to say, “I just eat real food.”

What does that actually mean? If you look up Paleo on the internet you will find a ton of information that I can explain for you and quite simply, it is to always just choose to eat real food. The foods I eat are a variety of meat, all fowl, fish, eggs, all kinds of vegetables, healthy oils such as coconut, olive, and avocado, nuts, fruit, and tubers such as sweet potatoes and yams. Using these foods I can create all kinds of amazing meals.

Your health begins at the end of your fork!

Why I eat Paleo/Whole30

In 2012 I learned how years of eating processed & packaged foods was wreaking havoc on my entire body. It wasn’t until that time I understood how much food impacts your health. When I began eating real food I noticed changes rather quickly. My sleep and energy quickly improved. Those two things were enough for […]

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