Pairing with CrossFit Nutrition Coach

Cheryl De Guzman Founder and Head Coach of CD FITNESS: conscious diligent fitness CrossFit and CrossFit Kids Coach at CrossFit Des Plaines

On Saturday May 11th I had the pleasure of listening in on the Nutrition 101 Seminar: Eating Made Easier, led by Cheryl De Guzman at CrossFit Des Plaines. The seminar was the beginning kickoff to the Summer Shred 3.0 Challenge!

Over those next six weeks, they will check-in weekly with her to get the summer bodies and health we all crave. Cheryl invited me to join her to give her clients another resource for their food choices. Cheryl said, “Food choices and preparation seems to be where my clients struggle the most.” Everyone is so busy and food ends up taking a back-seat to their workouts.

For those that want to have Paleo/Whole30 foods prepared and in their fridge ready to “heat & eat” they can hire Carol for that service. It is just another tool they can have to meet their personal goals.

I was honored to meet her clients and find out how I can help them.
Good luck to the Summer Shred!